How do we work?

Growth marketers at early-stage startups are great because they can know the product well, can work with different channels, and think about growth creatively.

They are limited because they follow a t-shape — they know certain channels well, and take a while to test/learn new channels.

That’s where Divisional thrives.

One person in your Slack, emails, talking to customers, and part of your team. But a full army of specialists doing the execution that takes 70% of the time. Get 3x the output of a regular employee.

Paid Social

Paid Social

Determine which social channels are worth testing, and whether they'll work for you. LinkedIn Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Reddit, Quora, and more. Divisional handles building creative, copywriting, and testing + reporting.


Email Marketing

Despite being one of the lower cost, more effective ways of generating leads, email is an under-utilized channel for many startups. Divisional will help you with outbound by scraping lead lists, writing copy, and testing what works. We'll help you with inbound by creating drips that nurture interested visitors.

Content Marketing

Writing isn't the strong suit for most founders — and even if it is, it'll take you way too much time. Divisional helps you identify content areas to focus on, and writes both short-form content (i.e. blogs, customer spotlights) and long-form content (eBooks, white papers).



How much do you know about your customer? Early-stage startups underinvest in analytics, and don't have good data to make decision when it matters. Divisional helps you set up your analytics framework (Google Tag Manager, Segment) and ensures all of our marketing efforts are accurately reported on.

Ken Wohl“Divisional helped us find growth opportunities, build our marketing engine, and continue to experiment. They learned our product and industry, and became an extension of our team”.
Ken Wohl
Head of Marketing | Indio (Acquired by Applied Systems)

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